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From Humble Beginnings to a National Telehealth Provider

HRS was founded in 2012 by three college friends in a one-bedroom apartment in NYC. The year before, while pursuing his MBA at Johns Hopkins University, HRS CEO, Jarrett Bauer, discovered his grandmother had been readmitted to the hospital due to an exacerbation in her heart failure. Immediately, Jarrett thought to himself, “how could this happen? There must be a way to avoid readmission.” 

Leveraging his background in healthcare, Jarrett researched the drivers of hospital readmission: medication adherence, dietary adherence, lack of health literacy, and lack of caregiver support. With this information, Jarrett started creating the new standard of care - HRS telehealth.

"Creating the New Standard of Care"

Jarrett partnered with college friends, Rohan Udeshi (COO & Co-Founder) and Dan Priece (CTO & Co-Founder), to build a comprehensive, cloud-based, telehealth platform aimed at engaging patients in their care plan, and arming clinicians with the tools they need to provide exceptional care.

Today, HRS partners with over 220 leading medical centers spanning 46 states, servicing nearly 225,000 patients across 90 disease conditions. HRS has become a nationally-recognized provider of telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions. We will continue to innovate to further the mission of improving the care and quality of life for as many patients as possible.

The HRS Mission

Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) was founded on the belief that the most effective health care is basic, uncomplicated, and accessible. We believe outpatient care is as vital as inpatient care and that patients and providers must be armed with tools to improve clinical outcomes.  We are committed to changing patient behavior, reducing readmission, and decreasing costs by providing patients and providers with the most advanced telehealth solutions. 


Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist Award
2019 Fast Company Most Innovative Company Award
Forbes 30 Under 30 Award
2018 Timmy Awards Best Technoloy Company
Entrepreneur 360 Innovation Award
Inc 500 Fastest Growing Company Award

We Aim To

  • Engage patients
  • Reduce readmission
  • Optimize clinician workflow
  • Market the results & innovations of our partners
  • Make a positive impact
  • Change the face of healthcare

Our Core Values

  • Everything needs to be fun
  • We operate with honesty and respect
  • We only hire compassionate people
  • We ensure that our product works efficiently and effectively
  • We are committed to constant innovation 
  • We prioritize our mission to improve the lives of patients, caregivers, and providers

Our Team

Interested in Making an Impact?

Join the HRS Team

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