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PatientConnect Complete

  • Bluetooth biometric remote monitoring
  • Real-time video call, phone calls, and texting
  • Symptom surveys
  • Condition-specific education
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PatientConnect Complete devices with peripherals and Eko DUO

How Can PatientConnect Complete Help?

Icon of patient home

Provides a full hospital at home approach to manage high-acuity patients.

Icon of woman with speech bubble

Allows patients real-time connection (video, text, call) to care team.

Icon of telehealth educational resources

Equips patients with condition specific education and teach back quizzes.

PatientConnect Complete devices for in-home use

Key Product Features

  • 90+ customized care plans
  • Virtual visits
  • Bluetooth biometric monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Symptoms survey
  • Condition-specific education
  • Teach back quizzes
  • Customized risk alerts
  • Wound imaging
  • Caregiver connection
  • Personal goal setting

PatientConnect Complete Use Case

Monitor your high-risk patients with PatientConnect Complete, HRS' tablet and advanced biometric device offering. Respond to alerts when patients are at risk for readmission and communicate with patients in real-time through video, phone, and text chat. Improve patient engagement with condition-specific education, symptom surveys, medication reminders, and more.

Icon of patient in hospital bed

Chronic Care Management

Icon of patient in bed receiving home health care


Icon of telehealth physician

Care Transitions

Icon of physician with patient medical records

Continuous Care

PatientConnect Complete Resources

The system saw the ability for telehealth to
be helpful in helping keep patients out of the hospital . . . one of the things that drew me to HRS was the tablet ability. I think our ability to do the virtual visits, the video
conferencing, is absolutely key.

- Kim Putnam, Telehealth Supervisor, Promedica Home Care

Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient

Physician performs virtual visit with telehealth

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