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PatientConnect Mobile

  • Bluetooth biometric remote monitoring
  • Real-time video call, phone calls, and texting
  • Medication reminders
  • Caregiver engagement
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HRS PatientConnect Mobile devices

How can PatientConnect Mobile Help?

Icon of physician performing telehealth visit with mobile device

Ensures continuous connectivity between care team and patient.

Icon of medical list being checked off

Improves patient engagement with symptom surveys and education.

Icon of patient medication and heart

Increases medication adherence with medication reminders.

Eko Duo ECG device
Fora Thermometer
Blood Pressure Cuff
Pulse Oximeter
PatientConnect Mobile homepage and symptom surveys

Key Product Features

  • Available on iOS and Android
  • 90+ customized care plans
  • Virtual visits
  • Bluetooth biometric monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Symptom surveys
  • Condition-specific education
  • Teach back quizzes
  • Customized risk alerts
  • Wound imaging
  • Caregiver connection
  • Personal goal setting

PatientConnect Mobile Use Case

PatientConnect Mobile, HRS' BYOD application empowers patients to remain active in their health with condition-specific education, symptom surveys, and provider communication tools. Available on both iOS and Android, PatientConnect Mobile ensures continuous monitoring and care team connectivity for all patients regardless of acuity.

Icon of patient with speech bubble

Behavioral Health

Icon of pediatrician with young patient

Primary Care

Icon of chronic care patient with ECG heart

Chronic Disease

Icon of patient in hospital bed with biometric devices

Post Surgery

PatientConnect Mobile Resources

In addition to our kits we have expanded to PatientConnect Mobile and offer this to any patient that has a smart phone. We have used the mobile option for all patients regardless of diagnosis.

- Mandy Johnson, Care Coordination Post Acute Senior Manager, Banner Health

Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient

Icon of physician performing virtual visit with telehealth

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